Brand Aid - Take Control of Your Reputation Before Everyone Else Does!

Co-authored by Adaptive Founder & CEO Patrick Sitkins

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Chapter 1

What’s a Brand, and Who Says I Have One?

Chapter 4

Your Internet Footprint (Be Careful Where You Step)

Chapter 7

No Brand Is an Island: Your Personal Brand at Work (and at Home)

Chapter 2

Who Do You (and They) Think You Are?: Defining Your Personal Brand

Chapter 5

The Best Offense Is a Good Defense: Protecting Your Brand

Chapter 8

Profiles in Personal Branding (for Better or Worse)

Chapter 3

The Care and Feeding of Your Personal Brand

Chapter 6

Repairing Brand Damage

Chapter 9

Personal Branding for Every Age and Stage

Some Nice Words

We think it’s a pretty good book, but check out what these guys have to say!

A great practical guide to achieving you best personal brand today.

Erik Qualman

bestselling author of Socialnomics and Digital Leader, Equalman Studios

Whether you are a college freshman or CEO of a Fortune 500, this book is the only resource you’ll need in order to identify, develop and proactively manage a powerful personal brand.


Roger Looyenga

Former CEO & Chariman of the Board, Auto-Owners Insurance

Larry Linne and Patrick Sitkins outline memorable examples -from corporations to their own personal lives- that can help you see just how valuable building, curating, and caring for your personal brand will be for you.

Michael Fertik

CEO and founder,

A deep dive into a complex topic, which offers real-world advice. A powerful must-read for anyone anywhere.

Alex Boylan

executive producer at Around the World Productions and winner of The Amazing Race 2, Around the World Productions

A must-read guide to understanding the most important issue of our digitally connected world-your personal brand.

Mitch Thrower

cofounder of and founder of and,

This is a book that needs to be read by anybody in business that wants to make a difference. If you think personal branding is the social media equivalent of bragging, get over it.

Mike Natalizio


Take Control of Your Reputation

A small investment in YOU!

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Personal Branding Audit and Action Plan for CxOs

Steve Farnsworth interviews Patrick Sitkins for IBM’s Midsize Insider.

“C-Level executives may find it tempting to mimic other executives when it comes to personal branding, and that’s a mistake. Great personal brands are founded on uniqueness. Luckily, it’s simple to begin building your personal brand with some good information and an honest look at your goals and resources. Patrick Sitkins is a brand strategist who works with midsized and large businesses, and he has a few ideas that might help. Here are some easy ways to audit and begin building your personal brand.”

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